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Frank Brunnecker

Clear to clear welding

clear to clear welding

As an alternative to conventional laser welding, laser welding of plastics with wavelengths in the range of 2µm can be used. With this variant, two workpieces can be joined without additional absorbers. The main difference of the process lies in…

Simultaneous welding

Simultanschweißen von Kunststoff

In simultaneous welding, the entire weld seam is heated and melted at the same time (i.e. simultaneously) by one or more beam sources. The arrangement of the beam sources or the beam shaping by means of suitable optical elements must…

Radial welding

Radiales Laserschweißen von Kunststoffen

A special form of contour welding is the variant for processing radially symmetrical assemblies. An essential difference between this special form and the other process variants of laser plastic welding is the application of joining pressure in the joining zone.…

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