Category laser welding of plastics

Patents for laser welding of plastics

Today, it is widely believed that laser welding of plastics was invented around the turn of the millennium. However, old patents and patent applications in particular show that the technology was considered and also used much earlier. For example, Mobil…

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Design layout of the joining zone – Part 3

Radial laser welding of radially symmetrical assemblies, such as connectors and tubes, is of particular importance. Unlike the other process variants, no additional clamping force is usually applied due to the joining geometry. Nevertheless, to ensure good thermal contact and…

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Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding

Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding, or AQW for short, is a new, patented process. It uses the advantages of conventional laser welding and combines this with the advantages of the EvoClear process for clear-clear welding. As a result, a significant reduction in…

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