Contour Welding

A special form of contour welding is the variant for processing radially symmetrical assemblies. An essential difference between this special form and the other process variants of laser plastic welding is the application of joining pressure in the joining zone. Due to the radially symmetrical structure of the joining assembly in the area of the weld, it is possible to work with a press fit and thus achieve the joining pressure required for heat conduction. This means that clamping technology in contact with the component is generally not required. The positive results are economical system set-ups and short overall process times. Since the component tolerances are very important due to the use of the press fit, the mastery of the pre-processes is of particular importance. There are three types of process: laser fixed and the component moves; component fixed and the laser rotates around the component; component fixed and the laser is reflected by mirrors onto the component and rotates around the component.

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